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There is no better way to become an informed and safe gun owner than attending a firearm training class.  If you want to understand your firearm, state and federal laws regarding its use in defense and carry your firearm for protection, a CCDW class is where you want to be. 

CCDW Training

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Womans Firearm Refresher

If you just need a refresher and want to get used to using your handgun, this is the course.  Relaxed environment, simple exercises to get you comfortable with your firearm and practice retrieving it from concealment.


Sorry guys, this one is for the ladies only.    

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Womens Firearm Refresher


Practice makes perfect.

If you want to be able to protect yourself with a firearm, you need to be comfortable.  Lets face it, sometimes it is tough to get to the range and really get practical experience.

  • Practice loading and unloading

  • Drawing a gun from          concealment

  • Safety

  • Shoot and move exercises

  • Simulations of what to do if...

Classic Title

Car Lights


Kentucky Concealed Deadly Weapons (CCDW) License Class

We provide CCDW training for Kentucky residents. The instructor is Bill Wrightson owner of Wrightson Defense. 

We will set up the classes on Saturdays and they will last all day.  It will include classroom type instruction and live fire testing.  Classes will be held at The Ranch.  

Price $75 for class (included materials and range)

Permit obtained thru the KY State Police runs $50

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