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Tactical Medical Training

Advanced Casualty 

Trauma Support deals with the immediate 

environment after a tactical event.  

Advanced Casualty Trauma Support


Advanced Casualty Trauma Support (ACTS) is a program directed to firearm enthusiasts, concealed carry permit holders and people interested in how to manage a casualty situation related to firearm injury. This course encompasses the basics of handgun use in a defensive situation but focuses on the immediate management of casualties resulting from a firefight. 

Most people believe that when confronted with a threat to life they would use their firearm to stop an attacker, but what if the threat shoots you or a family member before you control the situation?  How will you manage the bleeding or get help in time?  

What if you or a loved one is shot before you control the threat?

ACTS provides a way to ACT immediately to stop the bleeding and manage the injuries that could occur in the event you are involved in a firefight.  While we hope to never use that firearm, you must know how to manage the aftermath.  


A hybrid course containing elements from Tactical Casualty Combat Care (TCCC) and Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) and Stop the Bleed.        


Basic firearm safety

Defensive and tactical principals with handguns

Care under Fire

Casualty management after

Evacuation and transport concerns

Emergency medical resources available in your area

Helicopter Evacuation

Course instructors include Trauma and Thoracic Surgeons, Law Enforcement and Military.  

Course Registration Fees


IFAK Kits (optional but recommended)

$58 and $150

Stop immediate and threatening hemmorhage

Apply tournaquets

Decompress the chest for tension pneumothorax

Nasopharyngeal airway

Hemostatic dressings and bandages

Law enforcement communication after an event

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