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Sending your children to school or to an event can be disconcerting if you can't be there to protect them.  The Shield products give you reassurance that you have done everything to protect your family.  


The Guardian backpack insert is a Level IIIa soft armour plate that inserts into your child's backpack or under clothing for and event.  It will provide protection from typical handgun loads (22 to 357 mag).  This can be removed and placed in new backpacks or other locations you feel need protection.

Simple affordable tools that provide enhanced safety for you and your family when they are away.

Part of our tactical medical line, the CAT (Combat applied tourniquet) can quickly effect hemostasis in extremity wounds.  Standard issue for deployed military forces, this gives you the best product (CAT Gen7 NAS) at a easy to manage price.  


This should be carried by all individuals with a carry permit but also for those who have training in its use to provide care in the event of an injury.  

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